This is the Intro To Heathenry course offered by The Troth. It is designed to give people new to Heathenry an overview of the religion which is largely based on Norse Mythology. There are eight lessons in total with four parts per lesson and I’m doing one lesson per month / one part per week. I usually spend the early part of the week do the readings and answering the questions. Then by Thursday or Friday I will post my answers to the questions. I really encourage you to do the readings on your own and then see what I’ve written. What I pick out of the lessons might be quite different to what you find! I’d love hear your thoughts on any of the lessons, no matter where I am in the course. The lessons will appear in order from the beginning to the latest that I’ve done. You can find The Intro to Heathenry course, which is now being called Heathen Essentials, on The Troth website.

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