Unique modern designs, interpreted from styles found on historical artifacts dating to Norse, Anglo-Saxon, and Germanic times, that are spiritually significant to the modern Heathen.

Thunor or Thor image


Thor, as he is known to the Scandinavians, or Thunor as he is known to the Anglo-Saxons, is the Germanic God of thunder. He is defender of both gods and humans alike. A symbol of Thunor’s strength and might is the hammer, Mjöllnir, which produces thunder and lightning as he rides across the sky in his chariot pulled by his two goats named Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr.

Odin Woden design image


The story of Odin’s sacrifice on the World Tree, Yggdrasil, for nine days and his founding of the runes. The valknut, or knot of the slain, is thought to represent Odin. His wolves, Geri and Freki, and his ravens Hugin and Munin. Woden is the Anglo Saxon way to spell his name.

Yggdrasil The World Tree image

Yggdrasil - The World Tree

In Norse Mythology the nine worlds are found in the branches and roots of the World Tree. The tree is named Yggdrasil. It is said to have four harts, or stags, that climb among its branches nibbling on its leaves. It is topped by an eagle with a hawk standing on its head. The serpent creature called Nidhogg nibbles on its roots. At the base of the tree is The Well of Wyrd, where there can be found three norns who care for the tree with the waters of the well. A squirrel named Ratatosk runs up and down the tree conveying insults from the eagle to Nidhogg and Nidhogg to the eagle.

Etin Jotun Frost Giant


Etins, Rises, Thurses and Trolls are descended from Ymir, including Odin’s mother Bestla. The word Etin, is interchangeable with Jotun. They are often referred to as Frost Giants or Jotnar, the plural of Jotun. These creatures are the wild forces of nature and because of this are considered a destructive and dangerous foe to humans and the Gods and Goddesses. However, there are exceptions. Skadhi who is married to Njord, and Mimir, uncle to Odin, are both etins who have shown loyalty and cooperation towards the Aesir and Vanir.

Freyja design in grey


Freyja is a Goddess of the Vanir, sister of Freyr, daughter of Njord. She is known to ride a boar named Hildisvini, drive a chariot pulled by cats, practice the magical arts and take half the slain in battle to her home in Folkvangr. There is much to tell about Freyja. Please see the article The Goddess Freyja, for more information about her.

Freyr God of the World artwork

Freyr - God of the World

Freyr, or Frey, is a Germanic god associated with fertility, peace and prosperity. He is brother to the goddess Freyja, and son of the God Njord of the tribe of Gods known as the Vanir. Freyr is worshiped widely by the Anglo-Saxons as well as the Norse. Here he is depicted with his boar Gullinbursti, his ship Skidbladnir, as well as with the agrarian cycles, hunting and animal husbandry. The rune Ingwaz is in the center and is Freyr’s rune. Another name for Freyr is Ing.

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