The Heathen Soul – Lesson Six Part 1

The Heathen Mind, Body, Soul Complex In a Heathen worldview, the mind, body, and soul are connected in a multitude of ways that are complex and hard to understand, but fascinating nonetheless. In this article I’ve sourced information from a variety of sources recommended by The Troth’s Heathen Essentials introductory course on Heathenry including Winifred […]

Heathen Culture – Lesson Five Part 4

Defining Heathen Culture Further Thews which to help define Heathen morality but also to round out the Heathen culture include equality, strength, wisdom, open-handedness, and kinship. Evenhed Equality, often thought of as Evenhed, was a matter of fact and not something that was conscious or had to be fought for. There were differing roles that […]

Defining Heathen Morality Lesson Five Part 2

Virtue A virtue is a behavioural quality that is considered desirable. The modern meaning adds the Christian value of goodness and elevates the meaning to conduct oneself with high moral standard. In Defining Heathen Morality Lesson Five Part 1, I explained how Heathen morality and Christian morality might differ. This is largely due to understanding […]

Defining Heathen Morality Lesson Five Part 1

A Heathen Worldview Defining Heathen morality needs to be understood through the lens of a Heathen worldview. It is particularly important to understand the difference between a Heathen worldview and ‘other’ world views, such as the Christian worldview. When we talk about morals, the idea of right vs wrong and good vs bad might come to […]

Heathen Rituals – Lesson Four Part 4

Heathen Rituals There are three primary Heathen rituals practiced by modern Heathens; blot, húsel, and symbel. The tools used in these rituals can include a drinking horn or cup, mead, ale, blessing bowl, sprinkling twig, and hammer. There are other forms of ritual, such as naming ceremonies, land-taking rituals, weddings and burials. I will leave these […]

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