The Crow’s Fjord is owned and operated by S. Camille Crawford. It was established in 2011 as a place to market her Anglo-Saxon and Norse themed designs. The first design was created in 2011 and is titled Thunor, which is the Anglo-Saxon spelling of the English word Thor. The following year a second design was added to the roster titled Woden, which means Odin in English.

S. Camille Crawford has been in the arts and entertainment field since graduating from Sheridan College of Media Arts in 1986. She went on to work in film and television as a picture editor for many main stream animated television shows. She began drawing and painting in 1990 and used these skills, as a graphic design element, in her work as a picture editor. In the transition to the digital world during the early 2000s she learned to use a computer to draw and since then has become a skilled high-end software user. She uses a combination of old and new technology to create her designs. Camille joined the Heathen community in late 2010. Her first interaction with the Heathen community was to join the international organization The Troth. A year later she became Eastern Canada’s steward for The Troth. She is a member of many online groups representing the Heathen community and is very actively involved with its evolution, progress and well-being.

Camille left the world of film and television in early 2016 and began pursuing a dream to live on a farm and spend more time on her art. She now resides in a small village on the south shore of Nova Scotia.

The Crow’s Fjord designs are printed and sold on products through a Print On Demand website called Red Bubble. Red Bubble is based in Australia, and has printing operations on almost every continent. They are well established, reliable and do excellent quality work. Their large facilities ensure quality printed products that are delivered on time and with excellent customer service, before, during and after product purchase. Their prices are fair and reflect current global market values. We trust them fully and so can you.

Product pricing on this website is in US dollars, however there is an option to display pricing in Euros. However, should you wish to see a product in another currency, the Red Bubble website has options for many more.

Corpse Cafe is an additional moniker used by S. Camille Crawford around the web, for example, Reddit, Twitter, and Red Bubble.

The Crow’s Fjord and Corpse Cafe are personae of S. Camille Crawford and all material created under these names are the copyright of S. Camille Crawford and not to be used without her permission.

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