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Lots has been happening at The Crow’s Fjord. I went to The Parliament of World Religions in early November, which was a fantastic, if not hectic experience. I’ve never before experienced interfaith work and this was the epitome of it! I will leave the reviews to those more experienced with it, but I will say that looking at another’s faith with an open mind is just what the world needs more of.

This excursion put me behind on my schedule for the Intro To Heathenry course by about 6 weeks. I’m going to regroup and re-schedule the remaining lessons for the new year. At present, I need a break from study!

In other news, I have opened a new shop at Spreadshirt. I was feeling a little frustrated with Red Bubble’s clothing options. I want to move towards more natural fibres and away from the polyester that seems to be all the rage. Spreadshirt has some great natural fibre options for clothing and bags and accessories as well as a few organic cotton options. So there are more options than ever! I’m going to continue with Red Bubble because they are great with the print products and they do have cotton options. I really love their drawstring bag!

I have a couple of new designs, which are slightly off the beaten track for me. The first one is a Yule greeting card which can also be printed on a T-shirt or other products like mugs and posters and notebooks etc. The other is what I’m calling an Anglo-Saxon frog. It was requested by a friend of mine. Actually two friends. Ok. One of which is my mother, lol. It is also available on most products at both shops.

Happy Yule!

Happy Yule Greeting Card

Anglo-Saxon/Old Norse Yule greeting.

Glæd geol - God Jul

Anglo-Saxon / Old Norse Yule greeting card! This is a new design I began playing with recently. I wasn't sure what to do with it until I started playing with bind rune charms. I was trying to make it look a little bit like a snowflake!

Yuletide Festive T-shirt

Yuletide greeting on an organic t-shirt.

Glæd Geol - God Jul

This new Yuletide design looks great on a T-shirt too! If you just can't bring yourself to wear an ugly Christmas sweater, give this organic cotton T-shirt a try! There are regular cotton T-shirts available too.

Anglo Saxon Frog Design


Anglo-Saxon Frog

A nature frog done in the Anglo-Saxon style. Availabe on T-shirts and other products at Red Bubble and Spreadshirt. This frog is a reminder to remember what we need to protect.

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